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Date: 11/4/12
Author: Aaron Balchunas
Subject: Updates, with nostalgia...


So, I realized that this website has now been online for over 8 years, in one form or another. This unquestioningly makes me old. I also realized that I've only updated this front page 11 times in those 8 years. In the frenetic twitterbook world we live in, that makes me a dinosaur. These are things you think about when you turn 30, you younglings. While weeping.

Though this home page has remained mostly untouched, updates have been occurring. Several of the introductory guides have been rewritten. They were old and somewhat awful. So please enjoy the revamped OSI Reference Model, Ethernet Technologies, and (especially) TCP/UDP guides, among others.

MPLS is still my next target to rewrite..... someday. Motivation is a fickle thing, which is why this website looks like a relic from the 1990's.

Stay frosty.



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